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cuban cupid

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1. "Cuba is not so good at love, but you're in love with a man that can't be found anywhere else, so it works out," says a woman named Marisol who lives in Cuba. She was born and raised in the country, but moved to Florida when she was eight, and she's lived there ever since.

2. "Cuban women, especially younger ones, seem to be a lot more interested in dating men than their American counterparts, but I haven't met a Cuban guy that I couldn't have a good time with," says a Florida woman who moved to Cuba and got datingsite to know Cuban men. "I'm free online date always shocked when I meet one that isn't Cuban. I've never met a Cuban guy I really wanted to marry."

3. Cuban men are "just as into drinking and sex as American men." A woman who grew up in Cuba and who now lives in the United States says, "I'd say that American guys are generally more sexually open. Cuban guys are more marisa raya conservative and I think they just don't feel like there are as many girls in their culture. They also seem to have a more limited social circle and that seems to be the case with Cuban girls as well."

4. "I had a guy for about eight months. We were in a club and he kept staring at me. I felt guilty, and so I just kept walking. I wasn't sure if he was actually interested, or if it was just a look." —Alicia

5. "We dated for a month, and I found out that he was gay and I was confused. I was worried about him getting hurt, or that he might fall in love with me." —Eliana

6. "I'm Cuban and had a crush on one of the Cuban guys at my high school." —Maria

7. "I was so young when I met him, so I don't know if I wanted it, but I was excited to get to know him. After awhile he was talking to me and giving me glances like he loved me." —Alicia

8. "I was in a club and met a girl, and I asked if I could buy her a drink. When I returned she told me that she didn't want it, but I told her that it would help if I could go home with her." —Lauren

9. "I'm a young girl in college, so I didn't want to date anyone in high school. I just thought it was too immature for me." —Nancy

10. "He was in his late 30s when he met me. He was a big guy, around 6'4", 250-270 lbs. and had a thick, muscular body. He looked good, and I'm pretty sure that his physique allowed him to be a professional footballer. I asked him if he had any girlfriends and he said, "No, because I don't know how to make them jealous." He had a girlfriend when girls looking for men I met him, but I never dated him." —Kathryn

11. "He had a nice-looking family. I think his father had been on the soccer team at the same university, but I don't know. He was pretty good at everything I ever asked him to do, and it's just that you couldn't ask him for too much, because you wouldn't know how to satisfy him. His mother was his biggest fan, so he would always be out playing with his mom or playing with his sisters or going out for soccer. His older brother is the only brother he ever had. I think they just really bonded over the fact that he was this cool dude and they never had to do anything but play soccer." —Michele

12. "I think the biggest thing was his ability to be super-confident in front of people, and to be so funny. He was always really positive and easy-going and he always knew how to make everyone laugh, so I was never afraid to get in there and have a laugh with him. He always had the best sense of humor, so I think the biggest thing that we really did was just keep him grounded and not let him really get too far out there." —Emily

13. "He's got a really sweet, playful nature. It's just his energy level that gets him into trouble and makes everyone else laugh. He's not someone who's very hard to get along with, and I think that's why he was great with me." —Jessica

14. "He was really good to me in the sense that he took time out of his schedule to talk to me. He was just super friendly. He's an incredibly good friend. We were great together. We're always texting. It's very important for people asian dating free chat to have that, because you're never going to find another person like that." —Erika

15. "He is my go-to guy for everything. I would never date anyone else." —Erika

16. "He's the only guy I've ever dated that has actually looked at me like I have a brain tumor. He is one of the most fun guys I've ever had the pleasure of dating." —Erika

17. "I wouldn't kaittie date a guy who wasn't the best thing to happen to me in life. He's definitely the best guy I've ever been lucky enough to have dating me." —Erika

18. "He's the kindest, most generous guy I've ever known. I mean really, I don't know how else to describe it. He is so generous and generous with his time and energy, and he's also just so easy to be around. He's also kind and a good person. It's rare that I find a guy who can be so good to a stranger. The best thing about him is that he's so easy to get along with, and the least bad." —Katie

19. "He's my best friend. We're best friends for life." —Julia

"This is the guy who took me to the prom.