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The "fafaa girl" is the term used for those who are from the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or Daesh. You'll find them all over social media, in online forums and in various magazines and newspapers.

These are people who are looking for someone to marry, as a sort of jihadi datingsite girl for them. They are not the average girls you'd find in a nightclub in a town in the Middle East.

"We are very proud of our fafaa girls. They are very successful and can be successful." - A girl with the name of Khattabah.

The concept of fafaa is not new. But it was in 2014 when a group of young women started calling themselves fafaa, the Arabic word for 'jihadi girl'. Now they are everywhere, but in a very different way than before. A number of them have joined ISIS, and the other groups of the Islamic State. Some have been arrested. The most famous one is a young Iraqi-Canadian woman, named Kawaana Asad, who was killed marisa raya by ISIS in Iraq on August 21, 2014. (See: Kawaana Asad and the women of the Islamic State)

Kawaana Asad is seen in a picture with a friend (Youssef Al-Kasasbeh)

According to this new fafaa, the idea behind this new "group" came from a woman, named Sohaib Kaur (known online as 'Sohaib Al-Taqwah'), who came from Canada and had a history of being a self-proclaimed 'jihadi bride'. She was arrested for being a 'jihadi bride' and was executed by ISIS militants in July 20

The fafaa that has been shared is the one that Kawaana Asad's friends and family were sent, where they are told about the latest ISIS news. The new fafaa was posted at the end of January 2015, which is only ten days after her execution.

Asad's name was originally listed on the fafaa as 'Sohaib Kaur' however, a number of changes were made after her execution. She was renamed "Fajr-e-Bakr", which is a title given to a woman of a certain age and class. However, the fafaa that was shared today, which was originally created on 20 girls looking for men th of May, does not list her original name, instead it shows her current name "Kawaana Asad". It is possible that the name was changed to make it seem like the person was a minor, or maybe she was not really a fafaa at all.

Another change to the fafaa in this case is that instead of showing Kawaana's name as "Kawaana Asad", it shows the date on which she was killed. A few days before she was killed, she had told her family she was a "fafaa" to keep them safe.

A number of other changes that have been made on the fafaa include the name of her mother and uncle. According to the family, Kawaana was married to a person named "Kabir" and then died at some unknown date (she is not known to have left a family). While her father says they did not know why she was killed, her uncle "Hassan" said "She died of natural causes, I don't know why" while "Hussein" says "She was killed by my mother and uncle" with the former saying "I don't know why". The family says that when her body was discovered, they called an ambulance to take her to the hospital, but when she arrived at the hospital, the nurse told them she was already dead. The family claims she died at the hospital on April 3, 2004. In a letter to the media Kawaana's sister, Fatima, wrote that she had been raped by the man who killed her sister, then she received a call from a friend, who was with the body, asking her if her brother was alive. The sister replied that his phone was turned off but she could hear the sound of his voice from behind a wall. Kawaana's brother, Hassan, said the friend "Hassan" was in his room when he heard the woman's scream. Hassan said the woman "came out of the bedroom" and was carrying her bag with her. He then heard two more screams and "then I heard a car approaching the room." Hassan added that the man fled. Kawaana was found in her room with multiple injuries. She was a young, healthy female, 5'4' and kaittie 160 lbs., with an athletic body. She also had large breasts. The friend, Hassan, and another friend had been in the house at the same time. He said they were leaving the house around 5 pm and when he left his friend was gone. He was unsure if his friend had called 911. Hassan said he heard her sobbing and then she got up and started to walk towards him. He said she didn't want to get out of the house and said she would do anything to make him happy. When he asked her what she wanted, she just said, "I want you to be happy." Hassan told her to "stop crying." The friend said he wanted to go to the toilet and come back for her and got into his car. He got back to the house and left around 7 pm. He said he wasn't sure when he left. When he returned the friend was gone. Hassan had tried to contact her but it didn't work. He had tried calling her mother and a relative in the past asian dating free chat but they didn't get any answer. She had been staying in the house with her mother since October and he had been taking her to a local café. The friend was just a friend, no relation. He got back home around 10:30pm. He got a phone call from the friend who said that they had come to the conclusion that she free online date was with another girl. Hassan knew that if he went back to the house to take the phone call he would get in trouble and that's why he decided to stay at home.