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filipinocupid search

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The first time I read this article I laughed, because this was the first time I had seen photoshop done so blatantly on a person. I was also confused. Photoshopping on a girl is just so obvious. But Filipino Girl 2 did it with such good effect that I couldn't believe it. She was completely transformed into her original picture. This kind of photoshopping is common for young women. I had always wondered why Filipinos have such a large number of photoshopped Filipinas. It was always a mystery to me, until I saw this. How do Filipinos do it? Is it true or fake? Here's my explanation on how they do it.

Philippines are famous for using the word "Pine". Many Filipinos have a unique way of pronouncing the word "Pina". If you're like me, you have the habit of trying to pronounce it with a pinyin of your choosing. This is an example of the habit I had.