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How do you deal with women who are too emotional? 13. What are the best ways to get a girlfriend if you're not sure? 14. What is a typical night in the life of an online woman? What is the average guy's experience? 15. Does anyone ever try to date a girl online? What is the first time you find out someone has been online with you? 16. If you can't find a girlfriend online, how can you find a real one? Why? 17. How do you know if someone is trustworthy? 18. Are there any secrets that will destroy your chances of being in a long-term relationship? 19. If you're a male, can you be a successful entrepreneur? 20. How free online date is it that you can get so many girls to date you that you end up with no friends and only one girlfriend? 21. Is it possible to find a girl who will date you if you're too stupid? 22. What makes women attractive to men? 23. How many different types of women do you find attractive? 24. Are there any things in your life that you should change? 25. What's the most beautiful thing about your life right now? 26. Who is the most attractive girl you've ever dated? 27. How do you think the women in the dating pool would react if you gave them the choice between a boyfriend and a girlfriend? 28. Is it possible to have an open relationship? 29. If you could pick any girl from the dating pool, who would you pick and why? 30. Who is the hottest girl you know? 31. What is your favorite drink? 32. Is there a girl you would rather be friends with? What about the other girl? 33. How would your parents feel about you being gay? 34. How do you feel about women who date foreign men? 35. How many women do you think you would have a chance with if you were single? 36. What would you say to your mom if she asked you to marry her? 37. What do you do after school? 38. What do you want to be when you grow up? 39. What are you interested in? 40. Where do you hang out? 41. Do you think your parents would disapprove if you date a boy who was gay? 42. 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