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latin cupid login

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I know this place is famous but I never had a good experience there. They have a lot of regulars and some don't even know who the other bartender is. I love this place but I had the strangest experience at this bar. There was a little boy with a ball in his hands and he was throwing a frisbee around the bar and it hit me in the hand. It was totally out of nowhere and my hand felt cold. This place is a bit small. We only made it through one hour so I'll just say that it's not the best spot to find a date. We ended up ordering another one of the burgers we have had before and we were both disappointed. I think it would have been better to just order a chicken burrito because the burger is pretty big but it was just that bad and I was starving. Our second date had to be a couple of weeks later. He seemed to have changed a lot since we last saw him. He was definitely very different than what I saw on our last date.