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1. "If it seems like I'm the only one who ever has sex with a latinamerican woman, that's because you're wrong."

2. "I think that's the biggest mistake people make. I always have sex with people in the USA."

3. "Most people here are ignorant and not willing to learn, or maybe just want it all, and don't really have any interest in learning."

4. "I have the same sex and I'm very open minded. I have friends from all over the world and we talk about everything, from where we're from to our favorite countries and the things we like about them."

5. "I find the concept of being 'latinameric' incredibly fascinating. It's not something I think about often, and I usually keep it to myself, but when I do I think it's very exciting."

6. "I've always dated outside of Latin America, but in fact have some asian dating free chat good friends from Mexico and the rest of South America. That's definitely been a plus for my dating life, but it's something I look forward to more and more."

7. "I'd never date girls looking for men someone from South America because of the history involved, but kaittie that doesn't mean I never look at potential mates there!"

8. "I'm currently in Mexico where I'm dating a girl who's from Peru. It seems like a nice mix, and there are a lot of people there who are very nice, but it does seem like a country that's not very open about its own culture. Maybe that's one of the reasons I chose to be a foreigner, I like a different lifestyle."

9. "I've always had a very hard time dating women from Latin America, because they're so foreign to me. I've even been to Colombia and Panama and they seem like much closer countries to me than Peru."

10. "I'm in Chile, and in fact I've only dated in Peru, which I think is why I've gotten married to a Chilean. I've never dated a Chilean girl before because I don't think I'll ever have much luck there."

11. "I live in New York and I had never dated before, so I'm kind of in a position where if I find a good girl to date then it will just make me happy. I like to be in control of who I date."

12. "I've dated girls from Australia and Ireland before, but never a Chilean. So now I'm in Peru, I'm going to try and find a Chilean girl. It'll be my first time meeting her, so I'm happy about that."

13. "I like to know who the girl I am going to see, is it a nice girl that I could possibly find myself to like? And is she going to be into me?"

14. "I would like to be friends with a lot of people, so I'd like to find people that I can make friends with and talk to, and hang out with them."

15. "I just like to make new friends, and just get along with people, to be around and interact . I would rather date and just date in general."

16. "I am very competitive, I like to win, and win big. If I find someone that has the potential to win with me, that is the one I datingsite would like to have."

17. "If I meet someone and it seems like they are just great friends with no problems, and I would really like to hang out with them. They are the type of girl that could be my best friend. I wouldn't mind seeing them one night or 2 nights a week."

18. "I like someone that's a lot like me in a lot of ways but in a different way. That is the ideal mate, and that is what I look for."

19. "I'm very open to the marisa raya idea of a long term relationship. I think in general it's good that you're open and open-minded about sex. You never know what you're getting into and you can't be too careful if you think someone is a bad kisser."

20. "It's not my thing to have a lot of women in my life. I'll make some friends if I'm able to get to know them, but if I'm like, 'Let's get together and see what happens, they're just not for me."

21. "I have to do whatever I have to do to get the girl. If I'm doing a really shitty job, she's probably not going to like it. If I'm like, 'I've got this stupid idea that I'm going to come to the party and I want to try it on, they're just going to be like, 'Ugh, you can't make yourself do anything. You're going to be such a jerk, and free online date then they'll be like, 'Oh you're just a weirdo.'"

22. "I have the most ridiculous sex dreams. I just want to be fucking with these girls, and they just want to fuck me. I have an obsession with trying to get one, and if I can't get one, I want them to fuck me."

23. "I'm not sure if they would ever fuck me, but they would probably like me."

24. "I like that I don't have to put up with the other guys I'm with, and they do it and are good at it. I think I like it because I'm never going to be able to out do any of them, and if I do, I'll be so grateful."

25. "The way I look at it, you're my only friend."

26. "If I was in that relationship for life, then no one's going to get to know me, so there's no point in talking about it. If I end up having children, I'll be very much aware of the fact that I don't want children."