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The next morning, I was awoken by a sound I couldn't quite place. I was sleeping, but I had a feeling it was coming from my neighbor. I quickly grabbed my keys and left my room, opening my door to find him standing outside my door. I got out of bed and looked at him. He was about 5'9" or so, I wasn't sure which he was. I was expecting to see a bit of a height difference, but was datingsite surprised to see him wearing boxers. That was the only thing I could see when he walked in. He was completely silent, and then he spoke. He said, "Hello, I'm Jason. I live down the street from you."

He asked me if I had heard from any of my friends that he was out here in a boxers, I told him no. "I'm a bit nervous, can you please let me in?" He said he would just let me in.