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meet international singles

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Gameplay is a really fun one. The way it works is, you walk around the world. On each of the five maps you are given five different types of objects to pick up, or throw. When you pick up an object, it is shown as a yellow bar at the top. If you throw an object at something, it turns it to gold. As you collect more and more gold it will add to your inventory, but it will not show up in your inventory. The only thing that you can throw is a balloon, and that's it. The objective is to collect as many gold as you can. Once you have collected enough gold, you will be able to throw more objects at the game. You may be able to girls looking for men get to a gold point before the game is over, or you may never get to that point. The object you throw, or the balloon you throw, are also the key to unlocking different characters. You can see a short clip of an animated gif that shows all of the characters and some of the special abilities.