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• Why is there a penis joke in my profile?

This question was requested by "J.N.C." who explained: "I am a guy from the UK and love the concept of being in a group where everyone is so open to the idea of making out with someone. The whole group is like one big penis. I was a bit confused as to why they would make such a big penis joke." This question has also been requested by "S.K." who explained: "I am from the USA and enjoy the fact that my penis can reach everywhere. I think there should be a point where the penis cannot reach the floor. It's quite hilarious and makes me smile all the time, as there is a bit of awkwardness around my penis as there are others who are uncomfortable in this situation."

• What kind of sex do you like?

This question has been requested by "A.J." who said: "I love sex from all angles and it's usually a good time with a nice girl. I don't like long periods of masturbation but it's just how I am and it's all natural." "H.J." who explained: "I love all the different kinds of sex. Some people might not like vaginal sex, so I prefer oral sex and butt sex."

• How would you feel about becoming a vegetarian?

"D.C." said: "I will eat meat whenever I can. It's a great way to be healthy and have fun. If it were up to me , I would never eat meat, it makes me fat. I would prefer that animals live and enjoy life." "J.C." said: "I would not be a vegetarian. I would prefer to stay vegan. I would like to meet new people who don't know about the vegan lifestyle. When I met my first vegetarian girlfriend, she was very sweet to me, but I realized I would never be able to stay healthy or have fun. I have datingsite decided to not date anyone who doesn't support the animal rights cause. I would not date a woman who doesn't go to vegan rallies or get out in front of the anti-vegan protesters at animal shelters." "E.T." said: "It would be better to go with a person who supports the animal rights cause, even if they don't like the taste." "Candy" said: "I'm not vegetarian or vegan, but I support animal rights, and I would like to live and date someone who doesn't eat animals." "Ginger" said: "I have been vegan for a few years, and I have been dating girls looking for men an omnivore for a year. I don't know what it is about veganism that makes it so attractive, but I'm not sure I like it as much as I thought I did. I'm thinking about doing it for a little bit longer. I want to do a bit more research before going for the'meat' part of the arrangement. I'm also a bit nervous about it, and I don't want asian dating free chat to seem overly-concerned about what I eat." "Sugar" said: "I like being around vegan people and I like a good discussion." "Diet" said: "I have always wanted to be a vegetarian but I don't know how I will go about it. I don't think the food is very healthy." "Fruit" said: "I want to eat fruits, vegetables and legumes. The taste is much better than meat, I like the texture of the fruit." "Coffee" said: "I don't drink coffee at all because I feel it can have harmful effects on my health. I do like that it is very caffeine-free and caffeine is a great antidepressant." "Vitamin free online date C" said: "I like to drink some vitamin C as it has a lot of health benefits. I also like that I can get some of it by drinking milk." "Water" said: "I have tried water before, but it is a bit expensive and I didn't feel I could afford to go out and buy it. So, when I started looking around, I thought "well, I can get it for half the price". This worked great. " "Caffeine" said: "I always have a drink on me whenever I'm going out or at work, and usually some type of sweetener like honey, cane sugar, or a mix of sugar and sweetener. I also like a shot of espresso. This can be found anywhere, as long as it's not on the list. Also, don't be a douchebag and ask if they have anything to do with drugs. You'll get a snitch ticket. I get up in the morning and sometimes they won't have anything to drink at all, so I just grab some water or lemonade and a bagel. Sometimes I'll also have something to eat, which is pretty much the same thing." "The easiest way to meet girls is to go to a bar or coffee shop, find the girl, ask her where she's going, and if she says something like 'I'm just going home, or something along marisa raya those lines, tell her to be careful. Usually I'll see a girl walking with some random dude, and if I can't make it up to her in a little while, I'll go up to her and say something like 'Hello, I'm your host, could you come with me?' and then just keep walking. That's really easy, and the girls will either just walk away, or say 'Hi, you're not my type' or whatever. Just wait for a while, and if she doesn't want to go with you, tell her that you're going to be there for the rest of the night." "The best place to find girls who will have sex with you, for free, for a long time, is on the internet. You get a couple of thousand messages a day that start off with the same message 'I love you' or something along those lines, and the girls tend to start texting you about it because they get very lonely and depressed sometimes when they don't get kaittie laid as often." "The one rule I have is that you have to keep your conversation a little short and sweet if you're going to get a reply.