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This article is about nikitah. If you ever wanted to find out more about dating girls from around the world, this is for you. Read more of nikitah: The Nikaah Dating Experience

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I am a real life nikitah. The girl I've chosen from the market is exactly the kind of girl I love. She loves to be photographed for the magazine, and she likes to take pictures with her friends and family. But what I love most is that she's a beautiful girl. I think we can all relate to that. This is an international market, but it's not as much of an issue for us here in Israel. When I first started dating her, I used to go to work at a bakery in Haifa and I had to take my photo there as well. But when she told me she's from Germany, I asked her to take my picture at the market as well. Of course, there's a lot of pressure for people to take pictures of girls from the other side of the world. She does a great job, I can tell you that. She's always doing her job with a smile on her face. And we had a little chat, but I told her "I'm going to leave now, I'll be right back, go ahead, I can't take my phone out." And she said "No, I'm good!" And I felt so bad, so bad for her. After all the pressure we had put on her, she was the only one who stood up for herself. That was the best free online date thing she ever did.

My boyfriend had to take his phone out while taking a picture with me. We were going out for lunch and we were walking down the street and I was trying to get away from him because I knew he wouldn't let me do anything with my phone. He was texting me and I could hear him in my ear and I said, "Wait, wait, wait, what are you texting me about?" He said, "It's my wedding pictures." And I said, "You're gonna break my heart, man. I can't take my phone out and look at this stuff because I'm not sure if you're just having a bad day or you're having a terrible day." And he said, "Oh, come on, man, you're not going to like it." He didn't believe me. He was just like, "What? I don't believe you. Come on." He was like, "Come on. This is not your day. Just go." So I went to get my phone and I was like, "What are you texting me about? I can hear you on the other end." And he was like, "You're crazy." I'm like, "No, I'm not. What do you want me to do?" He said, "Just go.