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Alex, United Kingdom

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Alex, United Kingdom

"My friends and I used this site for the first time. We used our real names when we used the website. We were so nervous about it and we kept asking ourselves: Why does my profile not match? I was very shy and awkward and I did not know the language. My friends and I were so excited that we could finally see other girls who did not look like us. We did not know any girls who looked like us, so I am very happy that I got to see many other girls that are like me. It is a very good experience. I can say that I will continue to use my profile to find the best girls and I hope that this website will help you too.

The only negative thing I can say about this website is that it is only for females in Russia. I am very thankful for this website because I have found so many wonderful girls.

I started my profile free online date in 2007. I am from the Netherlands and I like to travel a lot. I have a pretty good social life, but I kaittie am not very outgoing and I always seem to have a little bit of an edge on some of the girls around me. I am still a bit shy and I have not been able to make a good first impression. My social life is very active and I go out to social events with friends and relatives.