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singles dating service

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Elyesia is from the US but is originally from Russia.

How did you discover online dating? I found my first good match through one of my friends who is an online dating guru. I found him through him because he was using the site. I asian dating free chat met him through a mutual friend. We exchanged some messages and then he proposed to me through Skype. It was quite a surprise for me because it was really hard for me to get myself to fall for someone I had never met before. I wasn't interested in dating at first and I couldn't get myself to like him, even though he is from Russia. After we agreed to date, he sent me a message. I was surprised that this guy was interested in me. I sent him my Skype name and then I received his message through Skype. I thought it was very weird at first but he asked me out in person. I was a little reluctant and I didn't think I would be able to find him in Moscow so I asked my friend for help. He told me he found my profile and it is pretty interesting. I said that I was really interested but not sure if I could make a move. I asked him how he knew I was interested and he replied that he had already met some girls through dating sites and he thought they were very nice but he couldn't find anyone in Moscow. I told him that this was my first time at all but I was still very interested in the guy and told him to send me a message on Skype.

After a week, I received the message from him.