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A study published in the journal free online date Psychology of Women Quarterly showed that men with "nice guys" on their Facebook profile are, as a group, significantly more likely to be interested in dating them. The study, which was conducted by University of California at Irvine psychologists and researchers at the asian dating free chat University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, is the first to examine how people are more attracted to other men on Facebook and what impact it has on their personal relationships. The results suggest that the presence of a positive or "nice guy" in a person's personal profile is linked to a significant number of Facebook friendships and romantic relationships with women.

The study also showed that the more a man had "nice guy" in his profile, the more he was perceived by his friend network as a person who is attractive to women.

This study confirms a previous study published in the girls looking for men same journal in which the researchers found that Facebook users were significantly more likely to be interested in dating someone with "nice guy" in their profile, even though they did not appear to be a match for them on the dating site.

"People think their Facebook friends will be attracted to them, but our study suggests that the number of likes they receive is just as important," said senior author Dr. Karen E. Smith, a UC Irvine psychology professor who conducted the study with her husband, Chris Smith, an associate professor of communication at the University of North Carolina.

"The good news is that you don't need to be a nice guy to find a woman," said Chris. "It doesn't matter how nice you are, if you don't have the girl's attention, your chances of having sex with that girl are likely to be lower."

The results show that "nice guys" are far more attractive kaittie to Facebook users than any other gender, and are also more likely to be the kind of men who would date and marry a woman.

According to Chris, "As soon as a man has a woman's attention, he is more likely to have sex with her. Our data shows that 'nice guys' are really quite attractive to people who share datingsite their interests and love for sports."

The study was funded by the National Science Foundation. It was also carried out under a research collaboration between Chris and Karen E. Smith, UC Irvine psychology professor. Their research was published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology and will be released in a forthcoming book, The Chemistry of Love: Understanding the Chemistry of Human Romantic Relationships.

"People who look for someone in a group have an incentive to pursue them. A woman who finds herself attracted to another woman in a group will have a natural interest in pursuing the others."

– Charles M. MacLean, Harvard

"The study has a number of implications: it can be concluded that people who seek out groups are more attracted to those who are in that group, it is likely that individuals who are attracted to others, whether in a group or alone, tend to engage in social behaviour that is more likely to be successful. If there are other factors in the individual's life which influence the likelihood of engagement in social behaviour, it is reasonable to hypothesise that those factors might be influenced by the nature of the group or, in this case, that the group is more attractive than the individual."

– Andrew Bostom, University of California at Berkeley

"A number of previous studies have shown that men and women with same-sex partners tend to display more mutual altruistic tendencies. It is possible that in our study, the effect was attributable to their social environment. Although it is likely that there is a relationship between attraction to same-sex partners and altruistic tendencies, it is unclear whether that is an important part of the equation or whether such relationships are a product of their particular social environment."

– Terence Kliman, University of Maryland

"The most common social relationships among males are those with other males. It is possible that men who live with other men tend to marisa raya be more altruistic towards those with whom they live. On the other hand, these same men may have fewer romantic relationships than they do with women. If the relationship is not very positive, it could result in more altruism among males."

– Stephen Zebrowski, University of British Columbia

"One of the most basic requirements for social success is that the individuals in your group have the same average level of attractiveness as other members of your group. The reason for this is that individuals who are more attractive than others will be more likely to be selected to join that group and to interact with others in the group. However, if the average attractiveness of individuals is less than that of the group, it could be that a person will not be selected as a member of the group."

– Andrew Haldane, University of Oxford

"One of the simplest ways to measure attractiveness is through eye color. A man's overall eye color is the average of all the colors of his eye. It can be used to tell how attractive someone is, for example in a job interview, or in a court case. It is also a reliable indicator of someone's age because it is the most stable indicator of an individual's lifetime exposure to light."

– Mark W. Johnson, University of Wisconsin

"People who are older than average are perceived to have less attractiveness than other people their age. However, this is not what happens in the real world. It seems like we all know that older people are generally more attractive, but in fact, this is not the case. Older people generally seem less attractive to younger people (or those who are younger than themselves) because of this.