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A group of women from Bangladesh who live in India's western district of Kolkata have found themselves in an awkward situation. They're marisa raya living in a neighbourhood where men are frequently seen taking photographs of their faces on the streets in order to sell the photographs to a local tabloid.

On a day in November, the women decided to take action. They started a social media campaign called #BeYourself, which has garnered a lot of support kaittie for their cause. "We were not intending to start the campaign. It just happened that we found ourselves living in this area," says the group's president and creator of the campaign, Suman Kumar Singh.

They decided to launch their campaign after they got to know that their friend, who is a local youth who is known to hang out at a bus stand and photograph every guy who walks past them, was regularly photographed by men on the streets of Kolkata for the local press. Suman and her friends realised that they didn't have much in common with the men, other than being the only women from the neighbourhood to go out with the same men. And they were the only ones with good enough self-esteem to not let that get in the way of the good times they had. They also realised that they are "invisible" to the men in Kolkata, who tend to go to the bus stand for a drink and not really notice a female with a phone or a phone charger hanging out of a corner of the street. Suman's husband too was not aware that they were dating people and had no idea they were doing this campaign until a man stopped him on the street. Suman told him that they were the ones doing it and that he could follow the whole thing on his phone. That day, the guys who stopped Suman's husband were all very polite. They also told them that it was not something that they could "put a name to" in the media and that they would probably not do anything about it. Suman was very happy to free online date be doing a campaign on this topic. The guys even gave Suman a bag of tissues after they left. The next day, Suman received a text from the guy who gave her the bag of tissues and thanked her for the gift. Suman was also contacted by a couple of guys on social media, asking if she would join them in a Facebook group and they invited her to join their "Girlfriends on Facebook" group, where she could follow the women from around the world. Suman met all these women on Facebook, not only because she wanted to meet some nice guys, but also to connect with her friends, who were from all over the world. In her post, she writes: "We met each other through Facebook and decided to start a group so that everyone can connect and share in each other's journeys." I can't help but think that Suman's Facebook group has an impact on how all these women are perceived and treated on the dating scene. Not only are these women from different cultures, but also different nationalities and even languages. I think that the Facebook group helps to build this global understanding of these women as well as build up a deeper bond with them. This is the reason why we should be really grateful for this global community of women who are so different from us. This year, the UK will be hosting the Global Year of Women's Leadership, and this event has brought in thousands of women from across the world. The Women's March on Washington was an important part of this year's theme, 'Women's rights are human rights'. The Women's March is an international demonstration to draw attention to the human rights of women and girls. Women's Rights Activist, Tameeka Dix, said: "In the United States, the first thing we want to do is to stand up for women's rights. And when we're standing up, we're going to make it known that women are here to stay. And that means we're here to fight. I think that this year we will all be fighting. I think we're going to be fighting like we're fighting for women's rights." The march will take place on Friday, January

The march in NYC.

"The Women's March will be held on January 21, 2017. The organizers of the march have made it very clear that the Women's March is girls looking for men not just a march to protest Donald Trump, but is a call to arms for women's rights across the globe. They are calling on all women to come out and demonstrate their commitment to ending violence and oppression at home and around the world. This is a day that women and men of all ages, genders, races, and sexual orientations are going to unite in to show that we will not be divided. We will rise as one, we will not allow our differences to define who we are." Women of Color march to protest Trump's cabinet appointments.