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I am truly free online date blessed to have my daughters as my friends. If I have made you feel the way that I have, you are probably a real person, just like me. There are more than enough people out there who feel the same way. If you have been struggling in some way or another, this post is for you. My hope is that you will read and understand the reasons for the pain that I have been through. I am not here to blame anyone, for what is going on with me. I am only here to share my journey with you. I hope that you can get along and that we can get to know each other on a personal level, before I say anything else about myself. I am sorry that this all happened. It has been one of the hardest things I have ever had to go through. I am going to try and make this post as simple as possible, if you feel this has been hard, you are on the right page! I know that many of you have been through this for some time, but I feel that I am finally ready to talk about it. There is only one word that I can use to describe myself now. I hate myself. I can't really explain it very well, but there has been something about me that I feel is a weakness. For some people, I will be asian dating free chat seen as a little, weak, and naive. But there is someone out there that has all of the qualities of me. They don't care about me at all, and they don't care if I have any good qualities.